Your clients are not everywhere

... but Data is

A data-inspired GoogleAds targeting tool 


Your clients are not everywhere

... but Data is

Use data analytics to find coordinates where your clients are to target Google Ads more precisely 

How it works?

We split any country into 1 km x 1 km grids. Each grid holds 10k+ data points that tell a story about your clients and how to target them

How to filter data?

Use AI powered smart filters or target your audience manually. Filter population density, age, gender or purchasing power areas, and access grid coordinates that work for you

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How to use grids in Google Ads?

Download coordinates of selected grids and upload them to your campaign

We also do custom projects

Need more data?

We do custom data aggregation, modeling, geocoding, and visualization tailored to your business needs

If you are looking for more grid data and target more areas do not hesitate to reach out

Sell where your clients are